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I am continually impressed with Chad Hovind’s ability to make the Bible and its teaching applicable and relevant. He combines humor, philosophy, personal stories, and up-to-date research in everything he does.

– Dr. Henry Heimlich (The Heimlich Maneuver)


I learn best when I’m having fun; yet, when it comes to communication today, there seems to be two equally bad alternatives: light and fluffy, or dry and dusty. One is too shallow and the other is too boring. Believing that the most important message in the universe should be communicated in a way that is deep, but compelling, I desire to create resources to engage people of the 21st century.   


For the past 20 years, I’ve been an “edutainer,” showing the Bible’s relevance to professional challenges through creative, authentic, out-of-the-box teaching. Working with professionals, I’ve been a creative consultant managing artists and creative processes as well as the lead teacher of a megachurch.  I use interactive teaching, impersonations, balloons, magic, juggling, science experiments, drama and humor to apply biblical truths to everyday life.


I am the father of three kids, and love skiing, volleyball, soccer and watching movies with my wife, Beth. I am indebted to the influence of Moody Bible Institute and Graduate School, from which I graduated with degrees in television communications, pastoral ministries and a Master of Arts in Ministry.


I am humbled to be an author with Random House of GODONOMICS: How to Save Our Country and Protect Your Wallet Through Biblical Principles of Finance. This intriguing book teaches a business, church or organization about the purpose of money, wealth and a Christian’s financial role in society. It’s filled with personal examples of how to teach these principles to our children and to embed them in our corporate culture. 


It has been exciting to develop two video series: Complementing the GODONOMICS book isGodonomics, a six-session DVD curriculum presenting a reasonable voice to both the convinced and unconvinced about God’s wisdom on economics, as applied to individuals and to nations; and the Lifeway-published Fast Track Bible, an eight-session DVD curriculum that takes the audience through the entire Bible in eight 30-minute sessions.


With a passion to reach our culture, I wish to present myself as Robin Williams meets C.S. Lewis or Steve Martin meets Jim Collins, combining philosophy and humor to present life-changing truths for the individual, the family and the nation.

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Pastors Speak Up

Chad is one of the most creative and faithful people I know. He has a way of taking complex and intimidating topics and making them not only understandable but also doable.

– Brian Tome, Senior Pastor of Crossroads Community Church Top 100 Fastest growing church in America

God really has blessed Chad with some wonderful communication gifts, creativity and a sharp mind. He stewards those with deep humility and reliance on God.I wholeheartedly agree with the need for and the effect a tool like His teaching can have in people’s lives.

– Cal Rychner, Senior Pastor, Northwoods Community Church of 4000 in Peoria IL