Novelty Government "Master" Card

Government Master Card

"I am continually impressed with Chad Hovind's ability to make the Bible and its teaching applicable and relevant. He combines humor, philosophy, personal stories, and up-to-date research in everything he does."

- Dr. Henry Heimlich (The Heimlich Maneuver)

These Cards are great to hand to a cashier or to give to a complete stranger and say, "Here, let me put that on my new Government Master Card." They will get a kick out of the card and it will remind them of GODONOMICS: God's principles as they apply to an economy. Don't become a slave to the lender, use Godonomics.

The Back of the Card Reads:
GOVERNMENT MASTER CARD. Inspired by the work of Greed. You deserve more than you can afford. Use your card to earn reward dollars that add to the current 16.1 trillion dollars in national debt. As you bail out failing companies or pay your neighbor's mortgage, remember you'll be dead before your great-great-great-grandchildren get the bill. Ignore the fact that you've empowered the government to steal from others, violating one of the 10 commandments. Try not to think of how you've violated others' properties rights, and flushed incentive down the toilet, spitting into the wind of God's commandment, if you do not work, you do not eat! Ignore the road to serfdom - it violates God's warnings of Socialism in 1 Samuel 8 - that a large government takes what's yours and leads you to becoming its servants. Socialism: a great way to ruin your country.


*Note: Design may vary.

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